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Where will the Marvel characters fit into the Disney Parks?

By admin - Posted on 02 September 2009

We've read plenty of speculation about where the characters from Marvel comics will fit into the Disney universe. Dave Itzkoff AND George Gene Gustines at the NY Times speculate that some of the creepier Marvel characters won't be welcome in the cute world of Disney. They mention some of the weird oddballs in the comic universe like Howard the Duck, the "cigar-chomping trash-talking fowl" or the Marvel Zombies who "flesh is decomposing and they want to eat you alive."
Fair enough, but I don't think they understand just how fairy tales work. They're very scary. The Wicked Witch wants to get Snow White's heart and put it in a fancy box. Captain Hook wants to kill Peter Pan. These villiains don't want to make the kids eat their vegetables or do their homework. They're as evil as many of the creepier villiains in the comic book universe.

But I think it's going to be moot for a bit because Marvel has some deal with Universal Studios for a bit. If anything, I think the characters aren't an integral part of the experience. Six Flags will often just rebrand a roller coaster by sticking a Batman logo or a Spiderman logo on it. I would be surprised if one person in line could care less about the comic book logo. They want the dips, the turns, the jolts and the bumps. They couldn't even focus on the logos because they're going so fast.